Pondering Freedom – July 4th…

July 4, 2008 at 12:01 pm (Freedom Festival)

rod, reza, chuck
Rod Echols, Reza Clifton, Chuck Arning
HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY! Our amazing team is delighted to be moving along with our Freedom Festival programming for October 2008, commemorating the bicentennial of the Abolition of the Transatlantic Slave Trade and African American Heritage…
it looks like this to date:
October 6 Michel Martin, “Tell Me More” at Providence Black Rep
October 7-12 The Frederick Douglass Project – Mixed Magic Theatre
October 9 Paula J. Giddings, keynote “Land of the Pilgrim’s Pride: Ida
B. Wells and the Northern Campaign Against Lynching”
Old Colony House, Newport
October 10 Curator’s Salon The Cotton Exhibit, Slater Mill, Pawtucket
October 11 African Americans in RI – Westerly Public Library
October 12 Festival in Newport (tba) – Jane Pickens Theatre
October 13 Family Festival, African American Heritage – Cathedral of
Life Assembly, Providence
October 14 Screening Oscar Michaeux “Within Our Gates” – PPL
October 15 Action Speaks on Oscar Michaaeux – AS220, Providence
October 16 Ira Berlin, keynote – First Unitarian Church, Providence
October 17 Ray Rickman, “Lydia Maria Child – Abolitionist and First
Woman of the Republic” – Providence Athenaeum
October 18/19 Door of No Return play – Gamm Theatre, Pawtucket
October 20 Celebration of the Humanities – tba
We’ve been meeting and gathering folks all excited about the many opportunities heading our way…
Bernadet Pitts-Wiley and Linda A\'Vant-Deishinni
Bernadet Pitts-Wiley and Linda A’Vant Deishinni
“O Freedom, O Freedom, O Freedom Over Me,
and Before I’ll be a Slave, I’ll Be Buried in My Grave
and Go Home to My Lord and Be Free”

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